This past summer we had the privilege to spend a day in Rome on our vacation to Europe. We had just finished an amazing visit to England visiting my family, and we were heading to Cinque Terre for several days, so we saw an opportunity to be able to see Rome, albeit for a very short amount of time. 


Having a very limited schedule, we knew there were some highlights that we just couldn’t miss, which included the Coliseum, the Roman Forum, the Spanish Steps just to name a few. 


Turns out that Rome is pretty spread apart, so we ended up walking something like 16 miles in 100+ degree heat. Not ideal, but we had a really great time and loved every moment. The insanely carb heavy but delicious pasta meal we had at the end of the day felt particularly well deserved.


A couple of tips I would offer if you are thinking of planning a trip to Rome:


  1. Be prepared for a lot of walking. Although it was really warm, I still felt like walking to each place was important to get a real feel for what the city is like.
  2. Buy tickets ahead of time. We decided we wanted to go into the Coliseum, and bought our tickets in advance online and it saved us a ton of time. Some of the lines towards the middle of the day were at least an hour or two long, and in the heat that would have been absolutely miserable.
  3. Have a list of places you want to see ahead of time. Rome is bursting at the seams with incredible landmarks to see and can be very overwhelming when coming up with a game plan. Just know that it takes years to  see all of it, so try to be intentional with what you do see.
  4. I’m not sure if this is a universal experience, but we definitely got ripped off by our cab driver. We were a little over a mile from the train station, but with all of our bags and cobbled roads it just didn’t make sense to have to walk there, so we jumped in a cab. The driver took us all sorts of directions, and we were in the cab for over 20 minutes while the driver ran up the meter. Just be wary that there are some scammers out there.
  5. The airport (Fiumicino) is over an hour drive from the metropolitan area of Rome- so plan accordingly with travel!
  6. Bring a camera. The day went by so quickly, and honestly it was difficult to absorb it all, so I am SO glad I brought my camera. It was heavy to carry around all day, but I love being able to go through the photos and relive it all again.