Shooting with Film: Longwood Gardens

Several weeks ago, I took Erich McVey’s course on shooting film and was absolutely stunned by the quality and aesthetic film has. I was super inspired to go out and experiment with some new techniques I had learned and hit a brick wall when I realized it was February, and there is really nothing to shoot outdoors this time of year in Philadelphia. One rainy morning, I decided to back up my gear and go down the road to Longwood Gardens and test out my skills on a subject that never gets annoyed with my constant experiments- plants. Not only did I get a chance to experiment with different lighting situations and test some of the limits of my film, but I came home with some pretty sweet prints for my living room. Not a bad way to spent a morning!


Also, for the literal dozens of you reading this, YES these prints ARE for sale! They can be found here.


For all you film buffs out there, this was shot on a Pentax 645 with a Zeiss 80mm f2 for Contax, Fuji 400h rated at 200, and all scans are from Photovision Prints.